Itadome Hot Springa


    "Sukiyaki" of the local brand beef is popular.

    A fair skin hot spring of the lotion power that a lot of ions making skin fresh and young sulfate are included in.

  • Itadome Hot Springs


    The effect of the hot spring is neuralgia, dermatopathia, arthralgia.


    Itadome Hot Springus has the history of approximately 400 years.



    • Guest Room

    Kokeshi Tourou invites all of you in the entrance.

  • AZUMASHII means that it is comfortable in a Tsugaru dialect.


    Dinner meeting place


    Dinner meeting place of the group

    Hotel bus


    Meeting room

    • Information

    Check In 15:00~

    Check Out ~10:00

    In the guest room, bath and toilet are with all rooms. All rooms are air-conditioning perfection.


    All rooms smoking cessation

    There is a smoking room in a hall.


    There are a large communal bath and an outdoor bath.


    Wi-Fi free in the first floor



    The parking lot is free. No reservation is necessary.



    23Miyashita,Itadome, Kuroishi City, Aomori Japan TEL +81-(0)172-54-8021 FAX +81-(0)172-54-2175

    • Access

    Information on ski bus and shuttle bus


    Hakkoda ski bus~until February 28,2019~

    There is a reservation-based free bus linking Hakkoda with the hotel ,the period is until February 28.More than 3nights to the hotel are eligible.Hotel departure time of bus is 8:20 and Hakkoda Ropeway arrival time is 9 o'clock.Hakkoda Ropeway departure time of bus is 16 o'clock and hotel's arrival time is 16:40.Please make this ski bus reservation when checking in.The bus is for the hotel guests only.

    Hotel Azumashiya 8:20 Depart= bus = Hakkoda Ropeway 9:00

    Hakkoda Ropeway 16:00 Depart= bus = Hotel Azumashiya 16:40


    Shuttle bus~until February 28,2019~

    There is a reservation-based free shuttle bus that connects Aomori Airport and JR Shin-Aomori Station to the hotel.The period is until February 28.More than 3nights to the hotel are eligible.Please reserve the shuttle bus by e-mail at least 3 days before the arrival days.(E-mail:info@tsugarusaiko.com)Departure time of ShinAomori Station is 13 o'clock,Aomori Airport departure time is 14 o'clock,Hotel arrival time is 14:50.Departure time of Hotel is 10 o'clock,Aomori Airport arrival time is 10:50,ShinAomori Station arrival time is 11:50.The bus is for the hotel guests only.

    JR Shin-Aomori 13:00 Depart= bus = Aomori Airport14:00 Depart= bus = Hotel Azumashiya 14:50

    Hotel Azumashiya 10:00 Depart= bus = Aomori Airport10:50 =bus= JR Shin-Aomori Station 11:50


    ※The free shuttle buses will be operated by the time table,no further actions for the delay of the trains and air plans.
    ※By the situation of the traffic and the weather ,the arrival may be delayed ,please make sure you have enough time for your next access.

    ※The bus is for the hotel guests only.




    By car

    Tohoku Expressway Kuroishi IC (exit) ⇒ 102 National Highway (drive towards Lake Towada for about 10 minutes and you will arrive at Azumashiya )


    By Shinkansen

    JR Shin-Aomori Station ⇒ JR Ousen (about 35 minutes) ⇒ Hirosaki Station (transfer) ⇒ Konan railway (about 30 minutes) ⇒ Kuroishi Station ⇒ bus (about 25 minutes) ⇒ Itadome bus stop ⇒ 1 minutes’ walk ⇒Azumashiya


    By airplane

    Aomori Airport ⇒ taxi (about 60 minutes) ⇒ Azumashiya



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  • 板留温泉 森のあかり



    Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum


    Omoshie School


    Tsugaru Claft Center